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Wasp Stings in Las Vegas

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While many people have a painful experience after a wasp sting, others can experience a range of allergic reactions, from severe, persistent swelling around the sting to systemic reactions like anaphylaxis.

If you are certain you have an allergy to insect bites, be very careful with wasps.

Professional pest control from us can help prevent wasps from entering your property and reduce the risk of a sting.

Wasp Allergic Reaction

Adrenaline is a hormone made by the body that increases blood flow, restores heart rhythm, and opens airways. Many people with allergies to insect bites carry an adrenaline injection, but anaphylaxis requires further medical attention

Often caused by insect bites, anaphylaxis (or anaphylactic shock) is a life-threatening allergic reaction that may be characterized by difficulty breathing, irregular heart rhythm, massive or irregular swelling, or hives. Anaphylaxis requires immediate emergency medical care.

One of the main reasons for wasp removal is the destruction caused by the actual nests, or nests of wasps. The wasps release a chemical called “hornet saliva” when they lay their eggs. This is a highly toxic substance that causes severe allergic reactions in humans. This type of allergic reaction is most commonly experienced in children and older adults. Itching, rashes, vomiting and hives often accompany this type of reaction. While wasps do not usually cause injury, they can if the nest becomes full of wasps.

Las Vegas Wasp Control in NV

Most wasps usually eat other insects. However, there are many species of wasps that also eat flower nectar and pollen. Not all species are aggressive, but those that are most agitated usually in late summer and fall. During this time, wasp colonies begin to deteriorate as the queen finds a place to stay in winter. Some wasps dive into beverage cans, hover over plates or attack without much provocation. These types of wasps generally belong to the different types that eat sugary flower nectar.


Wasp Information

  • Wasps must eat meat to survive.
  • It stings several times.
  • They are capable of living independently or in colonies.
  • All subtypes of wasps, including paper wasps, hornets, mud daubers, and yellowjackets, are classified as wasps.
  • Getting stung by any of these wasps is likely to result in a red welt, but it should not cause any more harm.
  • Anaphylaxis is possible if someone is allergic to wasp venom. An extreme response, such as hives, a constricted airway, a rapid pulse, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, may occur. Immediately go to a doctor if you experience anaphylaxis.
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Signs of a Wasp Infestation

You might already know definitively that you have a wasp dilemma. But here are a handful of the most typical symptoms of a wasp infestation in Mountains Edge:


When people notice the very first indications of wasps around their residence, garden, or yard, it’s usually because wasps are actually flying around there. Flowers, tree blossoms, and gutters may all be good places for them to hang out.

Wasp Nests That Can Be Seen

Nests of some species of wasp are typically built above ground in trees, hanging in soffits, or on poles. The size of these nests can vary greatly, ranging from a ping-pong ball to a basketball, based on the variety or type of Wasp.

Nests Tucked Away From Plain View

A number of wasp species build their nests subterranean, under homes siding, or inside soffits. Even I f you know what you’re looking for, however, these will be difficult to find. The only indication of their presence is that wasps travel in and out of them.

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Wasp Removal Las Vegas

If you want to get rid of wasp infestation in your yard, it is advisable to contact a professional wasp removal service. Although wasps can be an issue in the colder months, it is important that you act quickly so as not to spread the wasp colonies further. You should also understand that wasp nests are very persistent insects and can cause problems even in the summer months when they are outside all day. As with most other pests, wasp nesting in a garden can cause serious damage to your plants if left unchecked. Only a wasp professional exterminator can completely eliminate wasp nests in your garden or yard.  Contact Green Wave Pest Solutions and we’ll come out to give you the best advise how to exterminate your wasp issue.

Wasp Destruction

Some people mistake wasp removal for that of a bee problem. If you have black flies, white flies or yellow jackets in your yard, you need to contact a pest control expert. There are several different types of pests out there that prey on birds, but wasp infestations are more likely to be specific to certain types of flying insects. Wasps do not like the common fly, however, so it is important to distinguish between the various types of insect pests before trying to eliminate any one of them.

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