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Spider Extermination

Green Wave Pest Solutions specializes in Spider Extermination of all types of spiders. Whether your problem is black widows, wolf spiders, sun spiders, or brown recluse spiders we offer the optimum protection against all spiders.

Spiders are best off unseen, which is why Green Wave Pest Solutions will ensure you see no eight legged freaks in your property.  STOP Spiders ALL year long with Every Other Month or Monthly Power Sprays for Spider Pest Removal Mountains Edge in Las Vegas!

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Spiders are poisonous and deliver mild to very painful bites.

All species of Spider, including BLACK WIDOWS, are active all year long; so you need Spider Pest Removal Las Vegas protection all year long.

We use only Safe and Regulated pesticides that are designed to be safe for the whole family, including pets.

We provide the removal of any webs up to 12 feet for further, longer lasting, Spider Pest Control Las Vegas!

We create a thick residual barrier around your entire property to guarantee our Spider Pest Monthly Service Plans Mountains Edge in  Las Vegas all year long.

Everything from bushes, cinder block walls, and heavy webbed areas will be treated thoroughly to improve Spider control.

We offer Complete Home Exclusion of all holes capable of Spider entry.

Never think that Spider bites are a minor issue, no matter the original bite size.

Although all Spiders are not deadly, that does not mean the one that bit you is not.


Types of Spider Types in Nevada

Wolf Spider

Some Spiders prefer dark areas that you may never find. Others run into you whether they mean to or not. Most Spiders shy from a fight, but Wolf Spiders are dangerously aggressive and will actually run at you in defense.

During the beginning of fall, the wolf spider is quite often found in the home. The reason for this is that they are looking for a warm place to live throughout the course of the winter season. The wolf spider would most likely be seen running across the ground, during the daytime. They search for their prey during both day and night. They have both excellent vision and touch. However, due to the fact the wolf spider is known as shy, if it is disturbed it will quickly run away.

Even though the wolf spider is poisonous, its venom is not lethal. The wolf spider is not known to be aggressive; however, they will bite if they feel like they are in harm or danger. They also move extremely fast when they are disturbed. If bitten by a wolf spider, the wound should not be bandaged but an ice pack should be placed on the bite so that the swelling will go down. And if necessary the victim should avoid any movement if at all possible. It is extremely important that one sees medical attention if bitten by a wolf spider or any other spider.


Sun Spider

Their arms are sticky, which are used to hold their prey items while they eat them. Only the last pair of legs is used for walking.

The abdomen is rounded and the tail has no stinger of any kind, which makes it different from others of its species. Females lay eggs in a burrow they dig in the sand. They will lay about fifty eggs at a time and guard them with veracity until they hatch. The small sun spiders are active only at night, while the adults are more active at night but will also hunt and move around in daylight hours.

Black Widow and Desert Brown Spiders

How To Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders in My Yard

Below are pictures of Black Widow Spiders.  How do you kill black widow spiders?  Don’t do it yourself!  Call the specialists at Green Wave Pest Solutions.

Our company advises you not to perform on your own a pest control service-some creatures are harmless while others are severely toxic and aggressive. For instance, in the edges of your house, it’s quite common to find the two most dangerous spiders on the planet: the black widow and the brown recluse. The black widow on the abdomen is distinguished by a “red hourglass,” while the brown recluse is beige in color. Their poison, although small in size, is extremely dangerous and lethal! It causes extremely negative effects on the human body, and the worst may happen if you do not seek medical help!

extermination of black widow spiders in nevada

Brown Recluse Spiders in the Las Vegas Valley

The Brown Recluse Spider is one of the most well known spiders in Nevada. It has a very intimidating appearance with a violin-shaped body and large leg span. Its name comes from the brown colored screen, or middle layer, which can be brown, reddish or black. This is the common cause for the ‘brown lure’ effect; a strategy whereby the Brown Recluse makes their victims look like they have been bitten by a brown recluse spider.

Loxosceles reclusa spider
Loxosceles reclusa las vegas nv

Loxosceles Reclusa Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Loxosceles Reclusa can be found in southeastern Pennsylvania, southeastern New York, and southern Connecticut. It was not known to live in the west until after the 1970s when it was brought back from Mexico. Releasing this spider’s venom is considered very dangerous because it has been associated with death from over one-third of all reported cases. Loxosceles tends to bite people who handle it or are bitten while handling it. The spider bites can have a delayed effect if a person does not feel immediate discomfort after handling an infected spider. Some people may not suffer any symptoms at all and yet still develop complications later.


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