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A Guide to Getting Rid of Rats in Your Home

This is a guide to Rat Control Las Vegas. There are many rats in Las Vegas that can cause a lot of damage if they’re not taken care of. Rats come out at night and will chew through wires, insulation, and anything else to get to food. They also carry diseases like salmonella, hantavirus, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever and tularemia. Pest Inspection Las Vegas helps with rodent control, which is important to protect your family from these harmful organisms as well as the structural damage that rats can cause.

What is a rat? A rat is any of the various rodents in the genus Rattus, including rats and mice. Rats are typically distinguished from mice by their size, which ranges between 12-22cm (5-9in) for females and 14-25cm (6-10in) for males.

Here are 5 ways Pest Control Service Las Vegas will help with elimination of rats:

1. What are the Signs that You Have a Rat Infestation?

It is normal and natural to see droppings here or there in homes with rodents as they move around looking for food which may not be available all over the property. You can tell if you are getting close by examining where these droppings are found because they indicate their travel patterns; but, unless it’s an older building like a barn or something similar, seeing just one dropping every once in awhile is nothing to worry about.

Pest Control Las Vegas will help when most people experience a rat problem in their home though, it starts off slowly with small sightings: maybe some hairs seen behind furniture. Some signs that you may be experiencing rats:

-Finding droppings or hairs on floors inside your home;

-Hearing scratching noises when no one is around (such as at night);

-Seeing small rodents scurry to hide if they sense someone coming near them.

2. How Can I Prevent Rats from Entering My Home?

The best way to prevent rats from entering your home is to clean up potential food sources. Eliminate all crumbs and spills under the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher; keep garbage in sealed containers outside with a tight lid on top of it; don’t leave pet food uncovered for extended periods of time; empty bird feeders after every use so that they are not accessible by rodents. After you have cleaned these areas try installing sticky traps around them as well- this can be done using vaseline or peanut butter which will trap any rat attempting to enter your home. These steps should help ensure rodents do not infiltrate your living space!

3. Do Rodents Carry Diseases?

Las Vegas NV Pest Control from Green Wave Pest Solutions will help you with diseases that rodents carry. Rats carry many diseases and can transmit them through their droppings, urine, saliva and bites which are all very dangerous.

The most common illnesses they spread include: Salmonella food poisoning from rat droppings on foods; hantavirus pulmonary syndrome by inhaling dust particles contaminated with rodent excreta (droppings); typhus fever by touching an infected animal or its fleas. Rat droplets may also cause the bubonic plague – yersinia pestis bacteria carried mainly by rodents such as rats via bite wounds caused during feeding time.

Other diseases that rats carry are streptobacillus moniliformis (which causes rat bite fever), and a virus called Seoul hantavirus. If you are having an issue with rats in your home, call our professionals for pest control Las Vegas services. We will get rid of the problem once and for all! Give us a call today. Rat Control from Green Wave Pest Solutions is open Monday through Friday from 24 hours a day/seven days per week

4. How do I Get Rid of Rats with Traps and Bait?

Rats are nocturnal animals. This means they will spend most of their time during the day hidden in dark, secluded areas as opposed to out in the open where you can see them. For this reason, it is important not only to use traps but also bait such as peanut butter or cheese which attracts rats’ sense of smell and taste. Rats like both solid and liquid baits for different reasons; rats prefer liquids because it’s easier to find food sources that way while others may have a preference depending on what type of rat infestation there is (i.e., Norway Rat prefers dry foods). However, if there are some leftovers sitting around from humans then don’t worry!

Rat traps and bait are safe for dogs and cats. A rat can create a lot of problems in your home! Rodents transmit diseases, eat food and contaminate it with feces and urine, chew on walls, furniture and electrical wires which causes fires or electrocution hazards to name just a few things they cause. Rats have been known to spread disease such as salmonella via their droppings. Children are at risk because rats frequent areas where children play such as playgrounds near dumpsters and garbage cans that contain decaying food waste. There is nothing worse than waking up from a good night’s sleep only to find evidence of the infestation – dead or dying rodents left behind by an intruder who has invaded our homes looking for shelter and sustenance.

5. Why is it Important to Seal Up Cracks and Holes in my House for Rat Prevention?

Rats often enter homes through cracks and holes in the outside of a structure, such as vents or pipes. Rats can also squeeze into small openings around wiring and plumbing inside your home as well. If you have gaps that rodents could use to enter your house then seal them up with steel wool, caulk or similar materials so they cannot get in again!

It is important to seal up cracks to prevents mice and rats. Mice are small rodents with semi-round, furry bodies. When they sense danger they will crawl up into a space and hide for as long as necessary until the threat has passed. Rats on the other hand have pointed snouts that allow them to burrow through walls or floors without any concern of how difficult it may be.

Rats also do not fear light so it is best to seal all cracks in order to keep them from coming inside your home. If you live near fields, parks, woods or industrial areas then chances are higher than normal populations of rats could make their way towards your house if they smell food sources such as trash cans or pet dishes left outside overnight.

So you may ask:

How Much Does Rat Control Cost?

To prevent infestations by mice and rats take precaution and call professionals.  Contact Green Wave Pest Solutions for cheap pest control Las Vegas. We is your one-stop shop for all your rat control needs. We provide a wide range of services including inspections, humane traps, poison baits, and more to help you get rid of rats in the best way possible.

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