It’s Mosquito Control Awareness Week

Mosquito populations are continuing to rise as a result of milder weather. Longer summers and shorter winters provide mosquitos more time to reproduce, resulting in increased mosquito activity. The number of mosquitoes in the area raises the danger of sickness for both humans and pets. They are a public health hazard and controlling mosquitoes is important to protect.

It’s mosquito control awareness week and we want to make sure that you are protected from these pesky bugs! The best way to do this is by taking some preventative measures.

Las Vegas Mosquito Control Tip #1

One of the most important things you can do for eliminating mosquito breeding is killing adult mosquitoes, sometimes with mosquito traps. Disease control is important to limit mosquito larvae which will inhibit the biting insects that they are. Other Biting insects include fleas, tick control. is keep your yard free of stagnant water, which attracts mosquitoes. It is important to know that standing water does not have to be stagnant or filled with algae for mosquitoes to thrive in it. It’s hard to resist the urge for a dip in your pool on hot summer days and nights but it’s crucial that you cover the pool to keep mosquitoes from breeding in your water.

Report any areas of standing water on public property, such as a neglected pond or storm drain, and get it cleaned out if possible. The more stagnant the water is the greater mosquito population will be attracted to that area.

Spring Valley Mosquito Control Tip #2

It also pays to wear long sleeves when possible so that they don’t have an opportunity for a meal. Wear long sleeves, when possible, will prevent mosquito bites on your arms.

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Mosquito Control Tip #3 for Henderson, NV

You should also use an insect repellent with the active ingredient of DEET in it, be mindful about where you go outside at night, bring bug spray on vacations or while camping, and check your windows before going out. Mosquitoes can live in your home without you even realizing it, only to bite when they are finally discovered. To prevent this from happening use a natural or synthetic repellant with DEET on skin that is exposed and seal up all doors and windows before bedtime for at

The only way to protect yourself from mosquito bites is by wearing insect repellent. The most effective type of bug spray for mosquitoes contains the chemical DEET; which can be purchased at any local pharmacy, grocery store, or big-box retailer in a lotion or wipe form.

Mosquito Control Tip #4 in North Las Vegas, NV

A good way to protect yourself from mosquitoes is by staying indoors during the evening as much as possible when mosquitoes are most active. This is especially important if you have some sort of illness that can be transmitted through mosquito bites, such as West Nile Virus or Zika virus.

Mosquito Control Tip #5 around Summerlin, Nevada

When children are outside playing, it’s a good idea to keep them from playing in high grass or bushes. Mosquitos can bite and playing in high grass or bushes lends itself to mosquito bites.

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Mosquitos are less likely to bite when they land on dry, flat surfaces. Play in the sand or dirt if possible and avoid playing near any standing water. Mosquito Control Tip #11

To repel mosquitoes from your yard try planting more flowers that have a strong aroma like lavender and peppermint around your property.

Mosquito Control Tip #6 near Summerlin South, NV

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What you need to know before buying a mosquito net. Mosquito Nets are an effective way to keep mosquitoes out of your bedroom. However, there are some things you need to know before buying one.

The type of netting is important because not all nets will keep mosquitoes out of your bedroom. The best types have a high-quality mesh with small holes that allow for air flow but still block the insects from flying in and biting you or others in the room.

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Mosquito Control Tip #7 Anthem Country Club, NV

The best time to spray for mosquitos is early in the morning or late at night because they are less active during this time period and are more likely to come into contact with pesticides. Mosquitoes that do not come into contact with insecticide are more likely to survive and continue to reproduce.

Mosquito Control Tip #8 Green Valley Ranch Nevada

How to get rid of mosquitoes naturally. You can rid your life of mosquitos naturally by using these simple tips:

-Trees, flowers and bushes should not be allowed to grow within 20 feet of the house. This offers mosquitoes a place to breed near your home

-Ponds should be covered with mosquito netting. Mosquitoes that breed in water can carry diseases and then spread them to people who come into contact with the water, such as children playing near it.

-Keep mosquitos out of your yard by also cutting down weeds and bushes from within 20 feet of the house, or by putting a fence around your yard.

-Keep mosquitos out of your home by using plants that repel them like citronella coils, lemon balm, peppermint plants and catnip. Use natural repellents to keep mosquitoes away when you’re outdoors

-Get rid of any standing water in containers outside on the property as well as indoors near windowsills with screens

-Install window guards to prevent mosquitoes from coming into contact with humans at night while they sleep inside their homes

Mosquito Control Tip #9 Mountains Edge NV

If you’re not using air conditioning or screens on your windows, consider installing a layer of mesh between your window screen and frame so mosquitoes cannot fly through gaps around the edges of the screen. This is also an option if you have pets because they may damage standard screens over time.

If you’re a pet owner, make sure your pets are also protected from mosquitoes. You can keep them safe by using mosquito repellant on their ears and feet or applying topical flea medication containing pyrethrins to the skin around the neck area. If they spend time outdoors in an infested area, coat their fur with mosquito repellent that contains DEET before letting them back inside.

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You’ll find it at most supermarkets. It’s important to remember to always read labels when buying any type of pest control product for both humans and animals.

-For people: Look for one with ingredients such as DEET (N, N diethylmetat toluamide) or picaridin (KBR 3023).

-For pets: Look for a product that contains permethrin, which is an insecticide used to kill mosquitoes and other insects.

Paradise NV Mosquito Control Tip #10:

What should we do if someone is still getting bitten?

If someone is still getting bitten even after following all these tips, then it’s time to call the mosquito control specialists.

Mosquito Control Tip #11:

What should we do if someone has a bad reaction to mosquito bites?

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If someone reacts strongly, it may be an allergic reaction and they need medical attention right away. It can also indicate some form of infection that needs antibiotics or another treatment plan from your doctor. Mosquitoes are carriers for many diseases and one bite could put you at risk! To find out more about what types of illnesses mosquitoes carry take a look at this resource page on our blog post site:

The Dangers Of Mosquitoes You Should Know About And What They Can Do To Your Health – Learn How To Protect Yourself From This Annoying Bug

Enterprise Nevada Mosquito Control Tip #12:

How can I protect myself from mosquitoes in Enterprise, NV?

It is important to remember that there are many ways we need to be proactive about protecting ourselves. Here are a few tips for you and your family so that even when mosquitos come out they will not bite us!

-Stay inside during peak mosquito times, when it’s dark outside or if the temperature is hot (> 80 degrees) in order to avoid being bitten by these pesky insects. If this isn’t possible then use an insect repellant with DEET (Nexon® 30). The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using products containing no more than 22 percent of the active ingredients of DEET on children ages two months and up. Be sure to use repellent on skin that is not covered by clothing for prevention and treatments. Some repellents have a lot of micro encapsulated DEET in them. This helps to protect you from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as Dengue Fever or Zika Virus. We recommend that you use this kind of repellent if you are going to be in high-risk areas where these diseases are more common.

-Make sure to keep your home’s windows and doors closed or screened in order to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.

-Take care of any old tires, unused containers, pools, birdbaths and outdoor fountains where standing water can collect since mosquitos lay eggs near stagnant water sources. Clean up any trash around the property which may attract these insects as well.

-If you want to have a picnic outside during peak mosquito times it’s best if everyone wears protective clothing so they don’t get bitten.

Female mosquitoes create mosquito larvae that can be damaging, sometimes requiring chemical insecticides to handle the issue with effectiveness. After the female mosquito gets her blood, she lays the eggs on or near water. The eggs hatch in water and a larva comes out. It takes longer if it is colder.

Summerlin Sun City Mosquito Control Tip #13:

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Green Wave Pest Solutions is a professional pest control service in the Las Vegas area serving Mountains Edge and surrounding communities.

A citronella candle is a good way to get rid of mosquitos. It has 30 hours of burn time and a nice smell. It can provide relief and has effective protection providing a hinderance to the breeding habitat that insect pests such as mosquito populations need to create more mosquitoes.

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Mosquito Control Tip #14 – Las Vegas

Fogging Machines are used as a mosquito repellents. Used as prevention, its effectiveness for large areas such as a backyard and for outdoor activities is quite effective as other methods don’t cover as much space.

A mosquito fogger is good for keeping mosquitoes and flies away. The fog will only kill mosquitoes that are flying and get in contact with the fog. If the mosquito is hiding or resting on something else, it probably won’t be killed by the pesticide in the fog. It can kill other flying insects such as black flies. For more information on how this works, contact Green Wave Pest Solutions.

Las Vegas NV Mosquito Control Tip #15

What mosquito causes malaria? Malaria is usually caused by being bitten by a mosquito that has had blood from someone who is sick with malaria. Mosquitoes can only get the disease in this way, and they must have already been infected with it before biting you.

East Las Vegas NV Mosquito Control Tip #16

Mosquitos can carry dengue fever which is a public health issue. This type of mosquito is dangerous and repellents are required. Additional information about the dengue mosquito is a dark colored mosquito with white spots on its legs. It is smaller than other mosquitoes and only about 4-7 millimeters long. Male mosquitos are larger than females, but not by much.

Mosquito Control from a professional like Green Wave Pest Solutions is important. Mosquitoes can be a nuisance, but with mosquito control products from us, you’ll have a fast-acting and long-lasting solution to keep those pests away. You won’t even need bug spray because these solutions are odorless! Plus if your yard is overrun with ticks, our product will help get the upper hand on them too so they don’t become an issue in future years.

Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars using a variety of mosquito control products against this annoying pest and its insect-borne diseases. However, most people don’t take the time necessary to prevent mosquitoes from getting into their homes and biting them.



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