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Brown Recluse Spiders in Nevada

Brown recluse spiders are found in the southern and eastern U.S., as well as Canada and Mexico. They are highly prevalent in Nevada.  They are generally found in houses and buildings belonging to those who have a lot of spider problems. Brown recluse spiders are extremely common, even in some parts of the Las Vegas valley. They tend to be found near wooded and rocky areas, along the baseboard and walls. They can also be found in the corners of attics and basements. In addition, brown recluse spiders can be found in garages, storage rooms, attics and crawl spaces.

Controlling Brown Recluse Spiders in Las Vegas, NV

While it is almost impossible to eliminate a brown recluse spider completely, you can control and prevent an infestation. Preventing an infestation is sometimes easier than treating one. Since the Brown Recluse has a life cycle, it is often difficult to eliminate them once they have established themselves. Their bites will not cause any serious medical conditions until they spread across the body. As their name suggests, the initial bite of a brown recluse spider is the most irritating. It is their subsequent bites that lead to severe allergic reactions and complications.

Symptoms of Brown Recluse Spider Bite

The general symptoms of a brown recluse spider bite include pain, swelling and itching at the bite site. In addition, the bite can lead to severe skin infections. Some people may develop an infection in or around the wound, while others may experience a complication such as a blockage, which causes an abscess. In severe cases, the bite can lead to death by asphyxiation. This condition deprives the victim of oxygen and can cause brain damage.

Removal of Brown Recluse Spider Infestation

There are a few treatment options available for a Brown Recluse spider infestation. Most treatments are highly effective and can be applied immediately. Most treatment methods are effective only if you do not continue to let the spiders feed. This is because the presence of these spiders in the house indicates that there are mice or rats living in the area. If you do not take steps to address this issue, then the only way to get rid of them is through lethal extermination.

Are Brown Recluse Spider Bites Dangerous?

Fortunately, most cases of Brown Recluse spider bites are not life threatening. In many cases, the bite does not result in any serious side effects. However, the bite can leave behind broken skin and scarring, which can be extremely difficult to repair. Also, if you attempt to use pesticides to rid yourself of these spiders without professional assistance, it is likely that you will become seriously ill from the chemicals. If you do not want to take the risk, or if you have had a brown recluse spider bite before, contact a pest control company to conduct treatment for your home.

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Getting Rid of the Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spiders is one of the most common household pests. These arachnids have a destructive reputation and can wreak havoc in the home as well as in the surrounding yard and community. Because of their ability to spread quickly and thoroughly, the destruction these spiders leave is extensive. The Brown Recluse spider is a Carpenter Spider, which is a genus of jumping spiders native to eastern North America.

Because of their rapid reproduction rate, a Brown Recluse spider can devastate an entire neighborhood in just a few weeks. They breed in the spring and continue to reproduce throughout the summer months. Because they are so well-traveled, they can be in trouble when trying to leave their home, because they may be trapped and become enmeshed in other webs. When this happens, extermination for these pests becomes extremely difficult. Fortunately, the methods used to get rid of this species are easy to apply.


Trapping the Brown Recluse Spider

The first step is to make sure that any live spiders in the home are trapped and removed. This includes any spiders in the attics, crawl spaces, and anywhere in the house that has a visible opening or crevice. In addition, because they can jump very long distances, it is important to try and kill them from a distance. This can be done using a pesticide, but if you have a lot of infested areas, it is better to hire a professional pest control service. Most exterminators will use chemicals, which are safe for people to use around children and pets. However, chemicals do have an impact on the environment when they are used.

Once dead, the spiders leave behind their eggs, called spiders and pupae. It is imperative to clean up any webs in the home, because spiders do not like to be disturbed while they are inactive. If you find web spots on bedding, furniture, wall panels, baseboards, and carpet, then it is important to treat the entire area to prevent new spiders from coming out.


Pest control companies use products which only kill adult spiders, while leaving the eggs and spiders inside the structure. This allows the spiders the opportunity to disperse and relocate without harming anyone. If a structure is left standing, a pest control company can then apply pesticides to kill all the spiders living inside.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Symptoms

A visit to a doctor is a must if you think your home has a brown recluse spider. Some symptoms of this type of spider infections include fever, severe headache, dizziness, muscle or joint pain, rash around the bite area, and nausea. If you have any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor right away. If you wait for the symptoms to go away, you may be opening yourself up to a secondary infection. You need to be able to identify the species of spiders in your home before you attempt to rid it of the brown recluse spider. The best way to do this is to consult with a professional pest control agent from Green Wave Pest Solutions, and find out which spiders are inside your home, and how many there are.

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