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extermination of black widow spiders in nevada

Black Widow Spiders in Nevada

Black widow spiders are a common pest in homes and businesses throughout the Las Vegas Valley. While their name suggests that these spiders are only found in black wooded areas, they can also be found in living areas that are shades of brown. These spiders are nocturnal, so they are active at night. The most common time to encounter black widow spiders is just before dawn or just after dusk. During this time, they are out hunting for their next meal. These spiders make their way into houses through holes and crevices, along the edges of the yard and sidewalks, under rocks and wood decks, and in crawlspaces.

Are Black Widow Spiders All Female?

Female black widows usually have shiny black bodies with an egg sac, which is usually larger than their entire body. The female’s abdomen is usually decorated with the infamous red hourglass. They may also come in shades of yellow, green, or gray. These spiders are usually found around gardens, parks, cemeteries, along roads, and near trees.  Male black widow spiders, on average, are smaller than females, reaching a length of only about half their size. The legs of the male black widow, however, are considerably longer in proportion to the female’s and are marked at the joints with orange and brown.

Are House Spiders Noctunal

Since black widows are nocturnal hunters, they seldom leave their hiding places during daylight hours. However, they do tend to come out of hiding during the night to hunt during daylight hours. This makes it very difficult for homeowners to tell if a black widow is active or not. Sometimes, black widows will move from one place to another in the night, looking for new hiding places.

How Often Do Black Widows Feed

Black widows usually feed once a week, mostly in the evening, when they are resting. When you see them, they are sitting on woody plants, often twining around rocks and logs. They move from branch to branch, looking for insects to eat. They may also look for a place to hide in their burrow. Black widows tend to live in burrows and hollow trees, and they do well in wooded areas.

Are Brown Recluse Spider Bites Dangerous?

Black widow spiders can be easily trapped using specially designed traps. You can purchase these traps at any garden supply store or nursery. However, since black widows can jump very long distances, you may need to catch them in the act by capturing them on video. If you cannot trap them using a trap, you can use other methods to humanely exterminate black widows.


Getting Rid of the Brown Recluse Spider

Most companies try to control black widow spiders using pesticides. Unfortunately, these pesticides are generally too toxic to use on humans, so it is best to leave them to the professionals at Green Wave Pest Solutions. We are very effective in eliminating black widow spiders, as we know how to handle these dangerous spiders. Others do not know which products work and which do not. Green Wave Pest Solutions technicians have the expertise to handle cases of damages caused by these spiders.

Black Widow Spider Venom

Black widow spiders are especially dangerous because they can feed on their own egg sacs. Once a female black widow spider lays her eggs, she will not leave them until she is ready to eat. These egg sacs contain a sticky venom that can injure or kill humans. In addition to egg sacs, these spiders are also known to deposit fangs and sharpening irons in their abdomens. Although fangs and irons are not actually poisonous, they are still dangerous to humans. Human beings should wear protective clothing when handling black widow spiders, especially if you come into contact with them during the day.

black widow spider

Where Do Black Widow Spiders Live

Black widow spiders tend to congregate around Las Vegas Valley homes in late afternoon and early evening. When looking for food, they often go searching for houses that are not constructed properly. However, since black widow bites are painful, the most common victims are people who disturb the nests of these spiders, such as those who open up old house siding or structures. Prevention is better than treatment. That’s why it is very important to hire us implement black widow spider control techniques from the time you notice the presence of these pests.

black widow spider

Black Widows Are Dangerous

Black widows are one of the most prevalent spiders found in southern Nevada and, when directly attacked or distressed, will not hesitate to bite. Their venom is fifteen times more powerful than a rattlesnake. 

Tips for Prevention

In spring, when mating occurs through early summer, black widow spiders emerge. During the spring and summer, youthful spiderlings continue to grow into adults and mature by mid to late summer. During late summer and fall, adult widows are most widespread.

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